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Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness/Repayment Plan

  • Total outstanding student debt has passed $1 trillion.
  • The College Board said that the average in-state tuition and fees at four-year public colleges rose an additional $631 this fall, or about 8 percent, compared with a year ago. The cost of a full credit load has passed $8,000 — an all-time high.
  • The board said about 56 percent of bachelor's degree recipients at public schools graduated with debt averaging about $22,000.
  • From private nonprofit universities, 65 percent graduated with debt averaging about $28,000.
  • The Education Department said in September that the national student loan default rate for the 2009 budget year had risen to 8.8 percent.
  • Obama will accelerate a law passed by Congress last year that lowers the maximum required payment on student loans from 15 percent of discretionary income annually to 10 percent for eligible borrowers. it goes into effect next year, instead of 2014.
  • The remaining debt would be forgiven after 20 years, instead of 25. The White House said about 1.6 million borrowers could be affected.
  • Obama also Will allow borrowers who have a loan from the Federal Family Education Loan Program and a direct loan from the government to consolidate them at an interest rate of up to a half percentage point less. This could affect 5.8 million borrowers, according to the White House.


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